ACvisuals: Documentary Filmmaker, SFX editor & Animator

My philosophy

Sustainability is simply good sense. Quality counts.

Before shooting an image or a video, I’m already picturing the context
in a dynamic way, searching for the ultimate definition of my creation.

The finishing touch
makes my work unique.


Mini Bio

Adrian Ciocoiu

Born Creative | Film Producer | Buddhist

Talented, creative, spiritual, and enlightened, Adrian Ciccoiu (pronounced Choco-you) has spent the last several years developing his artistic crafts and contributing to the creative movement. Born to an artistic family with an internationally famous painter for an uncle (Emil Ciocoiu) and an accomplished architect for a father, Adrian was in many ways destined to give back through his creative talents.

Part of what inspires Adrian’s art is the humanist Buddhist philosophy of the Lotus Sutra, something he learned while working for Apple Inc. in Maastricht City. Moved and inspired by this newfound enlightenment, he moved to Amsterdam at the age of 27 and grew both spiritually and professionally. During that time, he filmed and edited performances of bands, artists, sundry live theater shows, and performers at De Nes in Amsterdam. He also did multimedia design and motion graphics for famous museums like the Maritime Museum, Naturalis Leiden, and the Jewish Historical Museum. He also completed numerous PR freelance projects.

Ultimately, Adrian created these films with the
end goal of creating peaceful, future-oriented
visual narratives with humanist, interdependent
themes. This technique has allowed him to add
immense value to visual technique and

Adrian’s techniques and experience are backed by extensive education in the arts. He completed a Bachelor in Fine Arts, which he studied for 7 years in the Netherlands and Belgium. Additionally, he is influenced by the greats like Alfred Hitchcock, Alain Resnais, Richard Linklater, and Steve Jobs.

Some of Adrian’s biggest accomplishments include making a multicam-registration for a national Buddhist youth festival in The Netherlands at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Created in 2009, the show had 2,000 attendees. He also contributed to Clima Futura documentaries at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Adrian is perhaps best known for making an experimental dance video in 2009 called Biorhythm Body Fluids, which resulted in a well-received national tour showing his work.

Adrian also produced the World Ambassador's winning video at the United Nation's One Young World event in London. Additionally, The Interconnectedness Foundation endorsed him to the Awraham Soetendorp Institute, which led to the trailer for the World of Interconnectedness 2010 and filming and producing The National World Day or Interconnectedness.

In 2011, Adrian produced Foundation RADAR's national antidiscrimination videos, videopromotions for the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, videopromotions for the Amsterdam Muzikaal Centrum, and various children's filmproductions/documentaries. He also amassed a sufficient budget to produce a youth film titled The Compliment, which emphasized youthful idealism and non-violence.

In addition to his videography and dance talents, Adrian is also accomplished at acting, improv, and standup comedy. Today, he continues to develop his craft and strives to contribute something positive

... to the world.

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